Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

The world is digital. Millennial or generation Y lifestyles are governed by digital ranging from communication to interaction to purchases. It follows that businesses too must adapt to survive and flourish. Digital marketing is the way to reach out to a global audience, spend the least while getting maximum ROIs by careful implementation of a well thought out strategy. The key words are digital marketing but the significant modifier is strategy.

Digital marketing channels

Digital marketing can be implemented along various avenues with the aim of reaching out to specific targets at the lowest cost and with the farthest reach as well as in time. Like a tree and branches, digital marketing has main channels and subsets but one can broadly classify digital marketing into categories like:

  • Digital technology: This is all pervasive since everyone, from businesses to individuals, use digital in one way or the other and interconnects through apps, websites, email campaigns or kiosks.
  • Digital media is what engages audiences through a variety of avenues like online ads, email, social networks and search engines.
  • Digital data: This is what gives insight into profiles, behaviors and trends.
  • Digital platforms: This segment can include platforms for interactions such as the variety of social media, blogs, forums and review sites.
  • Devices: Audiences use a variety of devices like computers, phones, tablets, gaming devices and wearables, channeling digital data from various streams to their minds.

Digital marketing leverages the specific advantages of these diverse segments in a cohesive and cogent strategy. Strategy is important and it is up to the digital marketing company you retain to come up with one that will deliver results at lowest costs.


Some digital marketing companies go off in all directions in a haphazard manner without prioritization or defined goals. There is no insight on customer journeys, expectations, needs or experiences. Everything, ranging from SEO to analytics may be adhoc. On the other hand, specialist digital marketing services India based, who guarantee results, will invariably come up with a defined and quantified strategy optimized for results and spends.

A strategy for digital marketing can be based on identification of customer’s needs, anticipating trends, satisfying expectations and then maintaining relationships. Any digital marketing company worth its name will take these factors into consideration and define strategy for digital marketing.  A typical strategy would be:

  • A structured approach to media
  • Multi channel marketing plan with analytics in place
  • Content marketing and personalized journeys
  • Research, engagement, re-engagement and brand evolution
  • Retention models
  • Regular addition to media and personalization optimization based on feedbacks
  • Loyalty programs
  • Constant reviews, multivariate testing, brand reputation management

The strategy for success in digital marketing, as can be seen, is not a cut and dried formula. Expert digital marketing company will make it an iterative and agile process but starting with a well-defined strategy.

Digital marketing is indispensable but what gets you success is strategic digital marketing. But do businesses know which strategy works best for them? Most have a nebulous idea. This is why engaging professional digital marketing services India based is a good starting point to ensuring maximum success with minimum effort and in the shortest possible time. You cannot afford a trial and error method because, by then, the competition will have overtaken you. The essence of strategy is to offer true value propositions tailored to various customer expectations and differentiate yourself from the competition. This is what digital marketing companies with knowledge and experience will achieve for you.  The emphasis is on strategy because it can be likened to having a road map so you can drive straight to the destination. Otherwise you could well be driving around in circles and get nowhere. 

You do need digital marketing

  • Every one is doing it. If you do not, you might be consigned to oblivion in the digital space.
  • It is affordable and gets you a wider reach at a lower cost and in a shorter time.
  • You can create content from various different perspectives and on various points that ultimately work to create an aura about you in target customer’s minds.
  • There may be no precise way to track print and TV marketing performance but you can track and monitor digital strategies and refine them as you go along with the help of expert digital marketing professionals. Try reshooting a video or re-printing brochures—the cost is prohibitive but not so in digital.
  • Interaction, engagement, motivation, retention, conversations…….you can achieve all these. The digital world may be impersonal but still, people do develop connection and association.

Digital marketing is indispensable and not so tough or expensive but outcomes depend on strategy and this depends on the digital marketing company you engage.  Do not worry about costs. Strategies are modular and ongoing. Once these are implemented your revenues grow and you actually pay them from earnings. Therefore, pick the best digital marketing India based and it will be worth it.