Guidelines for Guest Posting:

We are looking for Guest articles and opinion pieces for our blog. If you have an idea that will provide valuable and actionable advice or pictures any aspect relates to modern lifestyle, travel, food, parenting, relationship, health etc. we want to hear from you. We advise you to view some articles on our home page before you submit yours one, just to get an idea what type of article we usually publish or interested to publish.
If you have any query, Feel free to write to us at
What We’re Looking For:
We usually look for articles of 500 -2,000+ words, written from an objective viewpoint and conveying valuable how-to or facts-to-know content. :
• Practical advice
• Actionable tips
• Useful know-how
We like to publish articles written in a friendly, conversational tone.
If you are interested to write articles for us, here are some guidelines:
1. Articles should be copy free and never published anywhere previously
2. Articles should offer readers practical how-to tips, takeaways, facts-to-know advice and clear advice, on a particular topic. We encourage bullet points inside the article.
3. Include a brief bio of yours in 25 words, having your contact info and social media profile link, if available.
4. Do not add a link to any product page, gambling or porn page.
5. You can submit your work as a Word document or plain text file.
6. If you want to publish an article that mentions companies or businesses in which you have a vested interest, Let us know it.
7. The author reserves copyright.
8. We do not make any payment to the guest contributors.
How to submit (and what happens next):
Fill out the form below. Or contact directly at
Here’s what happens after you submit your article:
• An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a publishable or not.
• The editor will review and revert back to you with notes via mail.
• We’ll schedule you for publication as soon as you send your revised draft back.
• Sometimes it is not possible for us to go through all submission. If you do not hear anything from us within 7 days after your submission, your submission will not be published and feel free to come back with a new idea.