Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review You Must Read

What is a kindle device?

A Kindle device is an electronic book reader which gives the reading enthusiasts a new way to be with books other than the traditional one which required them to carry physical books with them when they wished to read. Though physical books have a charm of their own, as a reader I believe that Kindle has a more practical approach attached to it considering the times that we live in.

Advantages of owning a Kindle

  • It lets the readers carry hundreds of books with them at any given point.
  • More compact and easy to carry then the physical books.
  • Soft on the environment. Though we need the power to keep the kindle running it still contributes to the environment by reducing the ruthless cutting of trees. It can also be read in the dark by adjusting the brightness of the screen and thus turning off the lights that you would necessarily need while reading physical books.
  • Instant buying and delivery of books through Amazon website. The books also come with a price that is less than the physical books.
  • Convenient to read in terms of liberty of choosing the font size, adjusting the brightness, convenience in reading at night.
  • There are many more but I believe they will be best experienced first hand. So without any further wait, get your own kindle paper white, making the best use of tata cliq offer.  Before doing that take a look at the review of the new kindle paper white version released in 2018.

Attractive features of the kindle paper white 2018

  • Impressive screen
  • Enhanced design
  • Water resistant body
  • Supports audible
  • Light in weight and a slim body
  • Enduring

Specifications of the product





About the kindle paperwhite 2018

The kindle paperwhite version of 2018 can be said to be a perfect mixture of the previous versions of the Kindle models like kindle oasis in specific.

It has some attractive features like increased storage, durable body, it supports audible and Bluetooth, a feature that the users of older versions, might not have used. It comes with a waterproof body. Just not this, the kindle paperwhite of 2018 offers all of this at an affordable price range. earlier these options were restricted to the higher priced version of the e-reader.

The kindle paperwhite is priced at 12,999 rupees and 17,999 rupees and can be obtained at discounted prices with the help of tata cliq offers.


The kindle paperwhite comes in a rather standard design which is subtle and elegant without being unnecessarily extravagant or flashy. The basic design comprises a flat body, which is thinner. It is a full black matte style body made of plastic which allows a firm hold of the device. The lighter body makes operating the device single-handedly easy.

The kindle paperwhite 2018 has only one button which is for switching the device on and off. Users often are seen complaining that they would like the device to have two more buttons for the flipping of the pages. Other than this they are happy with the device. The device, though having witnessed advancement in many features still uses the old way of charging via a micro USB port.


The device screen is of the same resolution as of the earlier version and there is no chance as such in this area. The panel comes with exceptional quality and there are no complaints when it comes to reading. Reading is as smooth outdoors as it is when indoor and is as pleasant in brighter lights as much it is in the dark. What else would the reader want?

Apart from this, I can guarantee that any reader who has been on the traditional reading method but is open to a digital change will have no trouble adjusting with the e-book version of the kindle paperwhite 2018.

The Kindle reader is not as advanced as our phones have been and still needs to be adjusted manually rather than adapting to automatic patterns of adjustment. The kindle paperwhite can resist water when submerged into it for the depth of up to 2 meters for about an hours span. This opens door to bathtub or poolside reading without being constantly tensed about damaging your e-reader. To get this exceptional e-book reader make use of exciting tata cliq offers.


The new version of the kindle paperwhite supports audible. Audible is a platform of audiobooks which is another unit owned by Amazon. This will enable you to have your audiobooks alongside your other books and both of these can be downloaded directly on the device. The device is linked to the Amazon store and will get connected to your Amazon account on initial installation. This will facilitate is faster and a hassle-free method of buying new books and audio books. Another advantage of using the Kindle store is that the books reach to you in about 15 minutes at the most (for the ones which have already released) and thus be it study or get away from a boring family function or a boring discussion it will not keep you waiting like the physical books.

A striking drawback here is that though the new version of kindle supports audible and audio books it does not have arrangements that are completely necessary for it as the headphone jack. So you need to necessarily use the Bluetooth option to connect it either to a speaker or a Bluetooth enabled wireless headphone so that you can hear the text of your choice. If you cannot access any of the two, you will be left with a kindle as equal as the earlier less progressed version and paying more for the advanced version will serve pointless. But you can get a Bluetooth speaker or headphones at steals deal price.

The default storage which was 4 GB in the earlier version, which let you carry at least 200 books at a time is now increased to 8 GB thus allowing you to have double books at any given point of time, just in case you need a genre change or a different kind of read. The kindle paperwhite is also available in a 32 GB option.

Battery life

The battery life of the device as predicted by Amazon to be lasting for weeks proves to be true if you are looking for a 30 minute read on a daily basis. However, I would say that the battery life depends more on the usage of the device by the users than the predictions of Amazon.

The 4G/ LTE version is suspected to drain more battery with its constant connectivity to the internet. While it lasts longer when the internet is switched off, which will make it same as your wifi based model and paying extra bucks for it will be of no meaning then.

As of users having a reading time of about an hour daily, should expect a 45 % battery drain in a span of one week. On an average, the device takes about 1. 5 hours to get fully charged for another week of reading. The device comes with a charging cable but there may be problems of you are not charging it on a laptop or a PC. You will, in that case, have to arrange for an adapter for the charging to initiate.


The kindle paperwhite 2018 provides full value for money. It gives the common budgeted readers a chance to experience some of the features of the high-end expensive versions like kindle oasis or kindle voyage which they would never be able to experience if not kindle paperwhite 2018. It has certain drawbacks but they can be adjusted with looking at the good qualities of the device. For someone who has a love for reading and will assess the device from just a readers point of view, the device is near perfect. However, there is room for incorporating certain advanced features in the device which the technical minds would love to have apart from a great reading experience. Do not forget to employ various tata cliq offers specially designed for the minds who have a love for reading and want to buy the kindle paperwhite 2018.