How to Send Message/Files in iPhone from any Device Without Internet

Here a quick guide to sending Message/Files in iPhone from any Device Without Internet is described. This article is covered in the source of a different OS platform for this task. Go through it step by step.

Ipmsg is the best solution to transfer message/files among your devices internally. Ipmsg is working on LAN area network and even wireless Wi-Fi network. More surprisingly and cost-effective solution is that your all home and office devices get connect under the single Wi-Fi network device, and then you can transfer data in all devices – Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop vice-versa.

Millions of users are using this open source product worldwide.

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Ex. Are you have the broadband connection? Ok, you will amaze to hear that, that’d be connected with your Wi-Fi device. Now you have own Wi-Fi network, and you are all device’s internet access from that Wi-Fi device. Now suppose your broadband connection is down and not transferring data to your all device, But Wi-Fi modem working in the proper way.

Here, How to use Ipmsg in your all Device and send message/files in iPhone and another device internally.

Step 1

You need to download and install Ipmsg setup in your device like iOS and another type. Ipmsg has contributed its setup for different platforms and links are followed.

Note: Before launching this product check your Wi-Fi device, it must be Turn on (Network login or Data transfer is not necessary).

Send message/files in iPhone and another deviceTransfer Message and files from iPhone to another device internally

Step 2:

After launching Ipmsg app in your own device, you will find all the name of devices are listed inside Ipmsg, and also installed in all another device which you want to send or receive message/files.

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