Toyota Passo vs Daihatsu Mira

Nowadays, there is a majority of people who are interested in buying hatchback automobiles which are equipped with innovative specs and features but are available at a cost-effective price. In the automotive industry, there is a wide range of hatchbacks available, which is why it has become quite difficult for the buyers to select the right one. In this blog, I will be doing a comparison of the two most popular hatchbacks of Toyota and Daihatsu which are Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Mira.


When we talk about the engine specs of both these hatchbacks, you will see a 0.66-liter DOHC 12 Valve inline-3 (KF Engine) in Daihatsu Mira. This 0.66-liter engine is mated to CVT automatic transmission. On the other hand, when we talk about engine specs of Toyota Passo, you get to see a 1.0-liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 engine, which is mated with CVT automatic transmission. Here you can clearly see that in the battle of engines, Toyota Passo clearly takes the lead by its 1.0-liter engine from Daihatsu Mira’s 0.66-liter engine. So, if you want a powerful engine hatchback, I would suggest you should go for none other than Toyota Passo.


Toyota Passo

The exterior of Toyota Passo is quite similar to the Toyota hatchbacks line up design language available in the automotive industry. This hatchback by Toyota comes in two different stylings, which are Moda and X. The Toyota Passo X grade styling features a simple and secure design. The lower bumper comes with a trapezoid outline with a low center of gravity to get matched with the enlarged front grille. At the rear, you get to see stacked vertical taillights with a standard hatchback case. In the Toyota Passo Moda grade styling, you get to see a more refined and eloquent appearance as compared to the X grade styling. At the front, you get to see trapezium angular styled upswept headlights and a small rectangular grille with company logo in center. In the headlights of Toyota Passo Moda styling, you see Bi Beam LED headlamps. The overall exterior of this hatchback is unique and appealing as compared to its competitors.

Daihatsu Mira:

The exterior of Daihatsu Mira is completely different as compared to its rival Toyota Passo. At the front, you get to see a massive trapezoidal grille with lower and upper openings. Along its sides, you get to see massive wheel arch bulges. At the rear, you see bold three dimensional LED taillights. This five-door hatchback features an identical design to its 3-door hatchback model available in the automotive industry. The only difference between both is the length of the 5-door model which is slightly longer to accommodate the rear two doors. The L and B variants of Daihatsu Mira comes with manual folding mirrors and steel wheels, while the G and X variant comes with auto-retractable mirrors.


Toyota Passo:

Toyota Passo interior features light grey plastic trim pieces. The rear and front seats are covered with high-quality fabric. The standard features which are seen in the base model of Toyota Passo include power steering, stereo speaker audio system, power lock doors, climate control, air conditioning, and tachometer. The optional interior features of this hatchback include side airbags and satellite navigation. The overall interior of this hatchback by Toyota features noise insulation and ample comfort.

Daihatsu Mira:

Daihatsu Mira interior also features light grey trim pieces, which you also see in its competitors interior Toyota Passo. The standard features available in this hatchback automobile by Daihatsu include keyless entry, air conditioning, power steering, power windows and cup holders. The interior features which are seen in the high-end variants G and X include tinted glasses and power side mirrors. The optional interior features include leather upholstery, leather steering wheel, front fog lights and Smart Drive Package. The B variant of Daihatsu Mira comes with only front seats power windows. The overall interior of Daihatsu Mira is quite spacious and has the capability to offer good level of comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Fuel Mileage:

Toyota Passo:

Toyota Passo has the capability to give a fuel mileage of 24-28kmpl, which is quite impressive of being a 1.0 liter engine hatchback automobile.

Daihatsu Mira:

Daihatsu Mira has the capability to give a fuel mileage of 35kmpl, which means it will cover a distance of 985km in a full petrol tank.

Final Verdict:

After doing a detailed comparison of both these hatchback automobiles, I have come to a decision that if you like to buy a hatchback automobile that has a spacious interior and equipped with a fuel efficient engine, you should without any doubt go for Toyota Passo.In case you need to do a comparison of both these hatchback automobiles with some other brand automobile, do give a visit to Comparebox.

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