A Summary On Sensor And The IoT Network



The IoT (Internet of Things) is a network in between various vehicles, home appliances, various measuring systems like physical devices, electronic devices, various software, sensors and other embedded instruments with these systems to create a connection for data transfer among them or with any computer-based system. Internet of Things creates an opportunity to communicate with the physical world more directly with a computer-based system to reduce human effort and increase more control and efficiency of those physical devices with increase economic benefit. IoT is nothing but a controlling and monitoring work done with a remote process and internet is the medium of communication.

Sensor network (or Wireless sensor network)

A sensor network is the best way to monitor the physical world and sense the physical quantity and communicate. A sensor network is a network containing numbers of low power devices or nodes. In the IoT system, we mainly use numbers of a sensor to make a network by which we sense, process and communicate via wireless channels to exchange information. Sensor nodes present for remote sensing are low power device and they are connected with locally powerful BS, which link them to internet and central processor unit for processing the sensed data. Even all the sensor node is not directly connected with BS. So sense data can pass through different sensor node to reach BS for further processing.

The Internet of Things

Now, what is the Internet of Things?

If we break the ‘Internet of Things’ we get two terms, ‘Internet’ and ‘Things’.

‘Internet’ is a network system presents globally which is connecting with millions of embedded devices with it and gives a variety of communication system and data exchange facilities.

Now a day in each household has lots of devices connected to the internet. ‘Things’ indicate these physical devices which are directly connected to the internet via its own ID (IP address) and can send and receive data from the network.

So ‘IoT’ is nothing but a smart network system of physical objects or things that can interact with each other to share information.



Now the wireless network is the base of communication in IoT devices, so it always needs a high-security system and proper amplification devices to get a better result. Production cost, quality of service and data security is prior things to keep in mind here. As per the survey, IoT devices are increasing very rapidly every year and the world is becoming smarter day by day.