Useful Tips to Choose Really Good Dedicated Servers

Looking for really good hosting solutions is rather complicated. If you decided that you want a dedicated server, in particular, the choice is even more difficult as there are various technical things that you have to take into account. DED servers stand out as the preferred option for most businesses. However, this does not mean you can blindly trust the very first provider you locate online. You should always think about the following so you can make the best possible choice for you.

Being Offered What Is Promised

The dedicated hosting option allows you huge customizability and flexibility because complete server control is obtained. However, this is not always the case since some providers do not offer that full customizability level needed. Make sure that you can tweak settings in control panels with SSH and WHM. Then, check and see if you are allowed to set up extra firewalls and security controls, disable functions and install new software if this is what you desire.

Consider Your Specific Unique Needs

Every single business is different in terms of needs. Due to this, you have to choose the dedicated hosting plan that caters just to your specific needs. You have to think about the applications that you will run so you can choose the right processors. RAID can be utilized to set up the RAM amount. You need great performance and speed so you want to use DDR4 RAM. This is costly but guarantees a really high speed.

Robust Backup

As you choose the dedicated server, analyze the provider and be sure that really robust backup services are offered. For instance, a solution like the popular Code Guard can help you since it guarantees backups. As a client, you need to be able to customize all backup services. As an example, if you just want to back up the important files instead of the entire server, this should be a possibility. Talk with the hosting company’s sales representatives to fully understand exactly what backup provisions you have access to.

Downtime Policy

The fact that you use a dedicated hosting package does not guarantee that downtime will never appear. This is why you need to be sure that the hosting provider guarantees a very high network uptime. For instance, cloud hosting does automatically reduce downtime possibilities.

As an extra tip, check the guaranteed percentage presented for downtime. There is a huge difference between 99% and 99.99%. You want the latter.

Scalability Possibilities

Always learn all that you can about application scalability. What you get needs to easily scale whenever more server resources are necessary. Remember that some apps are very hard to scale. Something as simple as running databases is hard because of synchronization levels. Generally speaking, when referring to scalability, it is best to use cloud technology that helps clone servers and then add load balancers to redirect traffic whenever needed.

Management Freedom

Last but not least, before you agree to a contract, learn all about how much freedom you have in terms of server management. Most people believe that the dedicated server automatically means you control everything. This is not the case with all providers. Some have specific limits that have to be taken into account. As an example, some do not offer remote management and all the important changes have to be carried out by someone from the hosting company.

To sum up, every single factor mentioned above has to be taken into account when you choose a dedicated hosting package. Never choose services that are not completely transparent and that do not let you know exactly what you can and what you cannot do.