10 Facts About Solar Energy You Should Know

  1. Solar energy is a very large free source of energy.
  2. Sunlight takes near about 10 minutes to reach into earth though it is 90 million miles far away from earth.
  3. From sun we get light and heat. By using technology like Solar PV, solar heating, artificial photosynthesis, solar thermal electricity we can use solar energy as our requirement.
  4. We can use solar technology as active and passive. Solar PV, solar thermal etc. are example of active solar technology; and greenhouse, solar light house etc. are example of passive technology.
  5. At upper atmosphere nearly 174 petawatts of solar radiation is incoming. Among them some amount is reflected back and some is absorbed. Rest is available for use. So source is huge.
  6. Solar is converted into chemical energy by photosynthesis into green plant and we can use solar energy as fossil fuel.
  7. By solar PV we can use sun light directly and convert it into electricity. In CSP by using mirror we use solar beam to heat liquid and then using technology we get electricity.
  8. Solar energy is the biggest alternative for fulfill energy crisis in future. Research says that next bi-linear will be from solar.
  9. Using solar energy by technology we can reduce emission and help to reduce global warming.
  10. Solar power systems are generally noise pollution free.

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