Manage your Local SEO for multiple locations

Business organizations today are more concerned about winning the local competition before going global. This is especially true in the case of small and medium enterprises.  With the increasing reputations of Local SEO strategies that are working quick and fast in boosting the search engine rankings, many small and medium enterprises are taking leverage of these local SEO strategies to expand their business and grab the attention of the local potential customers.  Many small and medium enterprises are expanding their business beyond one location. I mean they are operating the businesses in the multiple locations. What if you are one among them? Local SEO for the single location will not benefit the other one too. You need to learn to manage SEO for multiple locations to double your benefits.

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Website optimization

Your objective of operating the business in the multiple locations is to grab the attention of potential customers in these locations so should your Local SEO strategies. It is important for your business to let the search engines know you are a single business operating in the multiple business locations. It is possible only through website optimization for the locations you are operating the business in. As a part of managing Local SEO for multiple business locations, create each page for the location for which your business is operating; ensure to include the town name both in the URL and header of the page.  Create a local-centric content that includes a business location phone number, address along with hours of operation.  Create a unique content for the other location pages to help the search engine differentiate the location that is being served.

Footer of the location page can be customized adding custom Meta description and title tags for each location page. Create an easy navigating menu on the website to help the visitor know the number multiple business locations you are serving the business in. Link to service page and blog post to the town page whenever appropriate.

Local SEO marketing for multiple locations 

Claim business address in the Google local listings for multiple areas

When you have a business serving multiple locations, you have to claim each business listings with the Google local listings and this local SEO strategy works effectively when you have multiple physical business locations in the area you serve. It is important to have a physical location for the business in the area that is being served.

Meta tags and descriptions  

Check your Meta tags and descriptions on the local web pages. Check if they mention many locations or just one. Consider revising if needed to get listed for the multiple locations effectively.

Review and rating program

As you might be running your business with the objective gaining the attention of the local customers, you might have understood the importance of reviews and rating in your local SEO ranking factors. When you conduct review and rating program for your different business locations, feature them on the location pages to increase your search engine ranking for that specific area. You can do the job more easily when you can filter your clients by the area they frequently visit.

Content promotion for multiple locations

You can create location specific content for multiple locations served by your business.  As a part of managing local SEO for multiple pages, you can create videos for the locations you serve. You can create a single video that can feature in different service location while customize it in the description area by displaying the physical address of the location and giving a link back to your location page.

Social media presence  for multiple business  locations

Local SEO gives utmost priority to social media presence of the business in ranking up your local search results. When you are serving multiple business locations, each business location has a unique identity and same is the case of social media presence. Even if your business is serving multiple business locations that are 10mts apart, it is important to separate social media presence of different locations like Facebook and Twitter that adds great value to your business. Share locally served videos, photos and images on the social media to gain more benefits from managing different social media pages for different business locations.


In summary, whether you are targeting global SEO to gain national wide attention for your business or targeting local SEO for targeting the customers in a radius, the results will not come overnight. You have invested both your patience and creativity in local SEO strategies to list on the top of the search results for your multiple locations served by the business.

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