How to use IGTV: 4 Things You Need To Know

IGTV is the new long-form video platform of Instagram. It allows its users to create long and vertical form videos with high quality. This new platform followers a great industry move towards the video. Now Instagram is hoping to pull out more content creators with its IGTV offerings. 

Before the launch of IGTV, the length of videos on Instagram is initially limited to the maximum length of 30 seconds, and most recently, to 60 seconds. But on IGTV (Instagram TV), it allows users to create videos for up to 60 minutes. Content creators and artists with a small audience group are exultant since the platform is so popular with the main demographic of famous video and music consumers.

Here you’re going to know about how to use IGTV:



  • You don’t have to download an extra app


IGTV comes as a standalone application. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can easily download it and start sharing your videos. If you are already an Instagram user, you do not need to download the app. Log in to your account, and click the IGTV icon in the upper right corner. From there, you can start your IGTV channel and start sharing your videos with the followers. 

Users can like, comment, and share your videos. Best way to generate feedback and increase engagement by responding to the comments and running pools. An alternate way to promote your videos is to buy IGTV views from Snaphappen, which will increase your video’s engagement quickly. You can also share your IGTV link through Instagram direct message or Stories. 



  • Moves away from square videos


IGTV videos are full-screen and vertical. So say goodbye to the square videos that Instagram forced on users. Now you can quickly shoot and post your videos using your mobile phone. By natural, people hold their phone vertically to take pictures and videos. The vertical format is designed to fit the full screen of any mobile. Since 2015, advertisers are exploring the benefits of vertical videos. This vertical format attracts twice the engagement rate of advertising in other forms. The reason is very simple: by using the full screen, there is less chance to lose focus due to external interactions, and also watch for a more significant amount of time.  



  • No live videos on IGTV


IGTV app does not allow its users to go live yet, unlike the Instagram app. Although in the future also it does not let to go live videos. The Instagram product manager announced it during the launch announcement. 



  • IGTV has user channels


Like Youtube, you can also browse IGTV channels. It will generate a video feed based on the followers and their interests. It makes sure that you never miss a single moment. You can include the link to your landing page on your video to increase engagement. You can add title, description, and powerful captions to your videos. You don’t have to be very popular to become an influencer. You have to share content that people want to see, and they love. 

IGTV channel feature provides a new platform for the success of digital marketers. Long from videos allow them to share their stories and humanize their brand. Brands can also easily alternate between long-term and short-term videos to create different content to promote them. While marketers worry about long-term videos’ engagement rates, IGTV is the best platform for increasing their engagement. 

Nowadays, videos are becoming as important in the content marketing platform. IGTV is the best choice for content creators who always want to create long-form videos. It is the best platform for marketing professionals because this development can engage more people who are moving away from televisions to social media.