Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas 2021

We should get genuine here… if you need to express your life, writing a blog is an extraordinary way to impart that to your loved ones. Also, it’s a marvelous way to communicate from the other side of the earth. I appreciate you for writing home, posting pictures, and sharing what’s going on in your life on your blog. I read a few of those, and love each and every one of them! thanks.


Yet, what about making some genuine money from all that writing for a blog?


Here’s the deal is… You can bring in cash blogging your passions, however you STILL need to SELL something.


Except if you’re adequately hot to earn some genuine bucks by means of donation, you will have to put something on that sweet blog of yours for sale. Because that is the way you bring in cash. You sell something.


Lifestyle blog  for cash is undoubtedly something doable, so how about we venture into that idea.


John Chow discusses bringing in cash on his blog, and that is basically what is the issue here. He advises people how to bring in cash, and sells items that uncover to his people how they can earn money also. He shares insights concerning how he brings in cash on the web.


Joel Comm shares his life on the blog, different exercises, places where he speaks (for money ) and sells his books. He’s a productive essayist, and writes for different publishers just as his own blog. He doesn’t generally have a niche, however he unquestionably has a market. He plays in all the fields, however he certainly showcases insights regarding how to drive traffic, attract more followers, and associate with others.


Ryan Biddulph discusses life on the sea beaches, posts his eBooks, and writes details of his life house-sitting around the world. In any case, he composes books using pictures from his present  location as the covers. Interesting idea.


Krystine Kercher expounds on way of life hacks, wellbeing tips, and being the mother of a teenaged little girl. She shares thoughts regarding composing, her perspectives on the world stage, and tells about her own fiction fantasy books. Also, she sells her manifestations through Zazzle, and her books on Amazon. She’s an innovatitive essayist and will compose or edit your book if you require her to, in addition to a number of different other services.


The key issue here is that every one of these stunning bloggers keep up with a  group of people depending on their own way of lifestyle and interests, while attracting interesting people who like to see what they’re doing. Some are more famous than others. Yet, every one of them are lisestyle bloggers who have figured out some way to make some money from their websites.


Content marketing and blogging are extraordinary approaches to create dedicated readers and clients. However, probably the greatest challenge utilizing this methodology is the on-going requirement for extraordinary ideas for contents, for example, blog posts. Eventually in each blogger’s life there comes a point where they’ve run out of thoughts. It appears as if there was no new point, or no new thought that will make great quality content for their followers.

blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

If you are in this situation you realize that it can become quite frustrating. This is particularly true when you’ve set up a fairly continuous posting schedule – for instance once every day. Yet, you can lessen your disappointment and get some extraordinary groundbreaking thoughts for content utilizing these tips – something we call the REAL strategy:



Yes you may have re-used content in the past to make some new blog contents. However, for this situation we mean that take your current content and putting it under the light of a recent situation. Suppose you have a blog on nourishment and healthy ways of life. At the time of this composing Apple has quite recently launched its iPad 2. Would you be able to take a past post about healthy morning meals and bind it to an app in the Apple App Store? What about comparing exercise with the Apple product dispatch (sure the iPad 2 looks great, however it’s the entirety of the activities done in the background that have met up to make a fit, lean, item).



What you can assess? Returning to your nutrition and healthy way of life blog, are there any new product? New nourishments, new food or new enhancements? What would you be able to evaluate that will offer some benefit to your readers? Even better, would you be able to write a tutorial on the best way to utilize the new instrument or how-to cook the new food? There are in a real sense many thousands if not millions of items launched yearly – you can utilize these as a endless supply of blog entries.



Yes, you can ask your readers. Twitter is an incredible platform to do this. We’ve seen successful bloggers Tweet their audiences with an inquiry, for example, “Hello – composing a post on elliptical trainers – what would you like to know?” If you have enough followers following you on Twitter you ought to find answer in no time. If you don’t want to go on Twitter, at that point you can utilize your email list to discover what your readers might want to know about a specific subject.



You can link to related posts on different sites or news stories and give your contemplations, remarks, and spin on them. This is an incredible method to create blog contents. You can set-up Google Alerts for your topic area and have thoughts conveyed to your inbox each day. Go through the articles and posts, compose your perspective or remarks, and be certain you link to the source and give the writer and publication credit.



So when you are lacking in ideas for your blog posts apply the REAL strategy. Re-Use, Evaluate, Ask, and Link your approach to new blog ideas.