Tone of voice interaction system IVoka individuals and vehicles smooth trade

Beijing Engine exhibition within 2012 (12th), the human-machine tone of voice interaction system uniquely by SAIC IVoka look again, and today carrying about the two genres by SAIC MG MG5 as well as SAIC Roewe 350.

As soon as the 2011 Guangzhou Engine Show, IVoka using the audience fulfilled the interactive platform from China’s very first car had been also simply won the actual Guangzhou Car Show’s Honor, but this past year IVoka not really been officially launched as well as put available on the market. In this particular year’s Beijing Car Show, IVoka no more lets individuals coveted easy exhibits.

Cars as well as the intelligent tone of voice interactive automation iFLYTEK because IVoka technologies suppliers to provide Chinese voice combining, a tone of voice identification systems, voiceprint acceptance technology,  organic language, voice analysis technology, reading through and hearing technology trademarked international innovator in technical achievements. These technologies to offer the communication in between man as well as a machine because easy because of communication in between people as well as intelligent, and it has greatly marketed the improvement of device intelligence and also the Internet associated with Things technologies.

IVoka extremely accurate “hearing. ” Exhibition from the technology developers from the scene in order to reporters IVoka tone of voice navigation functions, the creator to open up the changing of tone of voice calls, just state a “navigate towards the Tiananmen Square” or even “take me to visit Tiananmen Sq ., the program only after a couple of seconds of short-term considering, automatically in to electronic routing maps, plan the navigation path in the Beijing The far east International Exhibit Center in order to Tiananmen Sq .. The reporters state these phrases, interested within speaking pace decelerate, pace upward or planned change associated with tone, IVoka may accurately determine.

Shortcut secrets to bring about the voice-enabled simple reach of the fingers about the steering wheel, which provides great comfort to a few of the drivers tend to be driving, avoid hazardous behavior in order to manually open up the digital map and also the input collection.

Developers tend to be telling all of us, the initial functions from the fast, safe voice routing IVoka the actual voice conversation, there tend to be many unsuccessful, as long as you need to IVoka is capable of.

I believe a lot of my friends possess the habit of hearing the information while driving on the remote server, IVoka saves a lot of information program collection, if you need to hear this news, Main items: car DVD and blue-ray player as well as car DVD and blue-ray, are with top quality. as long since the active voice asks the controls shortcuts, told IVoka “I wish to see Information news applications automatically open up and perform automatically moving news content material. The vibrant spots, IVoka digital voice in order to play an audio close to the sound associated with live broadcaast news, really realistic, coherent, and doesn’t jerky. Clearly, if you want to hear what of radio stations station, notified quickly IVoka “I want to listen the radio Business Administration Articles, radio stations program may automatically open up.

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